What people say

Following a restructure of our technical organisation we partnered with Taravandana to deliver a series of workshops to a new team using the Myers Briggs personality type indicator.

At all stages of the process Taravandana exceeded our expectations; through her feedback of the results, the workshop activities she ran and the insights she gave the team on themselves and others.  The team now have an understanding of their collective strengths and weaknesses and understand how to use MBTI to facilitate positive interactions with colleagues and customers.

The feedback from the group was extremely positive and I personally found Taravandana to be professional, thorough in her approach, consultative and knowledgeable.

We would welcome an opportunity to work with her again.
Louise Potts, Solutions PT, People and Culture Manager.
January 2014
A great impact - experiencing this coaching has helped me to think about other models and bring them into my coaching practice. I have been encouraged to read more, which has helped me to reflect on some relationships and consider approaches to improve them.
Director of Organisational Transformation, New Charter Housing
May 2013
I have only received 4 sessions to date with Taravandana. The difference it has made for me has been significant. I have also received feedback from my team on my behaviours which I believe is a testament to how positive an experience this has been for me.
Associate Director, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
May 2013
Over the past five years with Taravandana the coaching has proved invaluable in supporting my development. The sessions are thought provoking and challenging in a reflective and supportive environment. Taravandana is highly skilled with an extensive knowledge base that is applied in the use of varied tools and techniques. The coaching is well timed to support difficult times with work and has built my confidence both for work and personal pursuits.

I’m now clearer on my skills and development areas and am confident in describing where I add value to an organisation. Using a wealthy of experience Taravandana is superb in sign posting and making the coaching not a one of experience but a journey with things to do, apply and consider outside of the formal coaching sessions. Overall a life enhancing experience focusing on my individual needs.
Associate Director, Liverpool Women’s Hospital.
March 2012
Taravandana is a first class OD specialist whose skilful interventions have proven critical in improving the performance of our organisation and individual colleagues working within it.
The work she has personally led on developing effective teams, facilitation, introducing a coaching culture and talent management amongst other initiatives, have all led to sustained improvements in organisational performance and in developing greater employee skill and resilience. They were also fundamental in the hospital becoming the first large acute trust in England to achieve and be successfully twice reaccredited as an Investors in People Gold Organisation.
Director and HR and OD Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
March 2012
Taravandana has supported the development of our senior management team over the past few years.  She is an able facilitator of senior managers and I have found her particularly skilled at delivering agreed outcomes.  Through a range of group, individual work and the application and analysis of assessment tools Taravandana is able to assist teams to focus on areas for development and suggest a methodology for reaching them.  Taravandana is always effective in establishing relationships with those involved in development programmes, and her experience and coaching skills have given her a subtle intuition to identify individuals or areas that need particular input.  She is a confident and experienced health service professional who is comfortable dealing with front line clinical staff and executives alike.  I would be very comfortable in commending her to your organisation
Associate Director for Children’s Services, Manchester PCT.
February 2009
After 7 years as a senior manager I was at a point in my career where my confidence was very low and I was becoming increasingly unsure of myself; it was at this time that I was fortunate to be offered a coaching opportunity with Taravandana.

 Taranandana put me at ease right from our very first meeting.  Her approach is very holistic and empowering; I have gained insights into my self that have helped me at many levels both professionally and personally.  She has taught me to listen deeply to myself in a way which has been both life and career changing.  She is incredibly intuitive and understands people and their behaviours in a way which is inspirational.  At the same time, whilst Taravandana’s approach is very person centred, it is also very action focussed.  At each session I came away with a real sense of knowing what I needed to do to manage complex work situations and feeling empowered and confident to put my deepened understanding into practice.  I am now in what I believe to be a job role that is perfect for me and once more feeling fulfilled and confident.
Associate Director (Business Development), CMFT
January 2014
Many thanks for the coaching training you did with us in Liverpool. I felt a bit of a prat at the time for getting upset but I want to thank you for making me come to a decision. I went home that night chatted to my husband and last week went of to HR to find out how to get a career break.

Seeing my manager on Monday on her return from leave but already run it past her boss would was fully behind me.

What a difference you made, feeling better and more positive already
Research Allied Health Professional
September 2013
Taravandana’s facilitation was excellent and the workshop was a good mix of both teaching and practical exercises. The participants especially enjoyed the opportunity to interact with others and practice using the tools. Participants had been asked to complete some pre-workshop preparation which enhanced the learning on the day. After the workshop, the coaches were provided with comprehensive learning materials to enable them to use the tools in their coaching practice.

The workshop evaluated extremely positively with all participants stating that the learning would make a difference to their coaching practice.

This workshop is highly recommended.
AHP Workforce Lead NHS NW
February 2012
Taravandana really does live out her values and assists our organisation to do the same. She always starts a project or programme of work with the end in mind and seeks to maximise results through the targeting of effort, resources and energy. Her fresh approach and creativity is coupled with a desire to see real sustainable improvements in services, in our case for patients and their families through investment in organisational development, leadership and management development and talent management.
Assistant Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development,
Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
February 2012
Taravandana has been a lifeline through a very challenging time of service restructuring – necessary but unpopular though they have been. Her support and wisdom, plus the encouragement to help me see I was on the right track when others around etc.., has been of vital importance to me, as well as providing safe space to let out some of the tension.

I have found the Myers Briggs assessment useful/insightful, in addition to some work I had done on a previous leadership programme, it has helped me to change some of my communication patterns to beneficial effect.

More recently I have employed Taravandana twice as an external facilitator. The first time to help a managed clinical network think through the steps of becoming an operationally effective network. The second to facilitate a development day for senior staff affected by major structural changes to their posts/services. On both occasions she has delivered a very high quality product which has moved staff on measurably, as evidenced by the positive feedback from some of the more discerning (critical) people in our organisation.

I could not recommend a better person if what you seek is organisational change space – or personally a challenge to your thinking to help you grow into your responsibilities.
Professional Lead for Psychological Services, Lancashire Care NHS
Foundation Trust.
April 2009